To Be or Not To Be (A Cam Couple)

by Harrold Canyon

As a couple contemplating a career in public webcam on Chaturbate, you may debate among yourselves between two main directions for your new business. You may decide to launch your career as a couple in front of the webcam together having sex in public or semi-private ticket shows… or you may decide that it is better for your lady partner to be a solo act while you handle all off-camera activities (there are actually many things to do behind the scenes). I can’t say which way is best for you, but I can tell you about the experiences of my wife Liv and myself.

Going Solo

Before Liv started broadcasting in Chaturbate we observed that solo female performers were vastly outperforming everyone else on the site. Without naming names, we witnessed one performer make over $9,000 in a single night without showing more than one breast! We were extremely impressed!

When Liv started her public webcam career on May 1, 2016, we knew without any doubt exactly what we wanted to do. Liv started as a solo act, while I would be responsible for all the back-end details, including photography, videography, scenography, photo and video editing, website design, and marketing. The roles seemed to make sense to us, and we knew we could handle them. There was just one problem… after 30 days of fighting and struggling to overcome the bottom ranks of the solo female section of Chaturbate, Liv was hardly making any real progress.

Analyzing and Contemplating the Alternatives

I, however, was not sitting idly by. I have always been an extremely logical and analytical person. While Liv was dancing her heart out for a tiny handful of people, I was studying Chaturbate intensely trying to find a logical solution for our path to success. From all my analysis one undeniable fact stood out… while there were many pages of female and male cams, there was only 1 or sometimes 2 pages of couples cams. I reasoned that it must be far easier to compete in a field of performers 1/10th the size.

Being a couple in front of a webcam may seem an obvious choice, especially for people new to Chaturbate that are trying to build a following from nothing. However, if you research the market heavily in advance of launching yourselves, you may discover that the way is far from clear. In fact, even after a year performing together as a couple, we have come to find that the way never seems completely clear. Couples seem to make an easier start and build followers quickly, while solo females seem to make far more money once they are well established.

The Debate

It was never my intention to become a public adult performer, and I certainly had no desire to be on a webcam exposing myself to hundreds or even thousands of people. Initially the idea was horrifying. Still, I listened to my logic, and it told me that this was exactly what needed to happen if we were going to succeed in the webcam business. I informed Liv of my conclusions and her first reaction was resistance. It seemed the solution was something neither one of us wanted to face.

I had an additional reason for wanting to join Liv on cam. I felt she had made the ultimate sacrifice for our business, exposing her face and naked body to the world. Meanwhile, I had remained safely off cam. I wanted her to see that I did not believe myself to be better than her. I didn’t want her to feel alone in making that sacrifice.

I repeatedly debated with Liv, attempting to convince her to accept me as her cam partner. The debate ended one night after she had danced for 6 straight hours and collapsed to the floor crying in pain. I comforted her and convinced her not to give up, but that it was time to accept my help. She finally agreed.

Teaming Up as a Couple

On June 1, 2016 we began our couples cam show in Chaturbate. I was nervous as hell. Initially, getting an erection was impossible, so we used alternative tactics. Fingers and toys don’t go limp over nerves, so they would be our starting tools. Eventually, the spectacle of Liv performing nude overcame my nerves, and I was able to achieve an erection. It only took a couple of days. When it finally happened I felt overwhelming relief, as if I had finished a barefoot walk across a fire pit.

Since then more than a year has passed and Liv and I managed to build a following of more than 100,000 followers. Neither one of us feels the team up was a mistake now, but there were many moments between that day and today that we truly questioned the veracity of our decision.

The First 6 Months and 50k Followers

For the first 6 months Liv and I were surviving on pennies. We did virtually everything free. I reasoned that we needed to do whatever we could to build traffic and followers, the price of marketing if you will. Liv went along with the idea, but often disagreed. Goals were virtually impossible to reach. People simply did not tip enough, even when we had 1,000 to 2,000 people watching us. It was painful and often disheartening. Some days we were having sex for up to 3 and 4 hours straight without reaching our goals. By the end of each show, both of us would frequently get to the point where our genitals would lose sensitivity.

In November 2016, we were close to throwing in the towel, but lacking other options we decided to press on. We formulated and implemented a new strategy and it worked. Our perseverance paid off when we finally reached 50k followers after 6 months of struggling. It was as if a switch had flipped on. People were tipping like never before. We were actually reaching our show goals.

100k Followers as a Hybrid

Through the Holiday Season until January we grew like never before. Our new strategy was building followers and making money, something we could never achieve with our previous strategies. Liv and I performed as a couple together, and at the end of most shows, Liv would continue on as a solo act connecting with the followers in a way her and I together could not. The fans enjoyed their time with Liv and she obtained many followers on her own. At the end of April 31, 2016 we achieved our long-term goal of 100,000 followers at exactly 1 year from the date Liv had started in Chaturbate.

After the first few days at 100k followers a strange thing seemed to happen. The followers were not tipping us as a couple, yet when Liv went solo they seemed to tip her well. Initially the feeling I had was that our followers really wanted Liv as a solo act. We discussed it and agreed that I would step back, perhaps permanently, and allow Liv to go full solo. I stayed completely off cam for nearly a month to see how things would take shape.

The Luckiest Bastard on Earth

Liv is a beautiful woman, and a wonderful human being. It is no surprise to me that many men fantasize about being with my wife. And I do not get offended when they inform me that it is so. I frequently hear how I am “a luck guy” and even a “lucky bastard”.  I have no doubt that I am extremely lucky and fortunate to have Liv in my life. I don’t take offense to this. What I do take offense to is what seems to be clear cases of people boycotting our couple show, and sometimes even Liv’s solo show, simply because they are unable to conceal an extreme jealousy for what we have together. Liv and I are married. If you don’t like that then you can unfollow and stop watching our cam. We will NEVER leave each other. We are family.

The Show Must Go On!

After more than three weeks with Liv as a solo, tips and traffic had fallen and we agreed we needed to return to the couple show. If I’ve learned one thing in the webcam business, it is that people will often tell you what they want, both verbally and by implication through tips (or the lack thereof). And I’ve also learned that quite often you must completely ignore them if you want to survive in the long-term. The fact is, when Liv and I perform as a couple we get far more traffic and follower gains than is possible as a solo. Together we have had over 8,000 simultaneous viewers. As a solo, the most she has ever achieved was 1,000 viewers. This is the power of a couples cam. Without it we cannot grow our business, and a lack of growth in Chaturbate is actually a decline.

Liv and I have oscillated back and forth over whether we should continue as a couple on cam or not. In the end we agree to continue, for better or worse. For those that don’t like this, you may take your tips elsewhere. The show will go on!

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